Why engraving in our shop?

  • We will prepare a wonderful gift for you
  • We will engrave initials, date, company name, any sign and logo - whatever you need
  • We give you a way to express your gratitude in an original way
  • We will build together the visual identity of your company
  • With us you will not lose the guarantee for the engraved article
  • You will receive support at the highest level
  • We are open to your ideas

Engraver - vademecum in a nutshell?

  • The laser usually brings out the base colour, i.e. the colour that is underneath the varnish. However, this is not the final rule. Ask us a question by email, we will send you a photo with a sample of the engraving.
  • Most lacquered items have copper-gold engraving; this is subject to change so we are happy to advise you - call or write
  • The engraved text or graphic will not rub off, the engraving is very durable.
  • Each engraving is unique - our employee selects the parameters individually each time.
  • For steel products, the laser burns the surface leaving an oxidised grey-black engraving.
  • In some cases it produces a printed effect.
  • The engraving made may slightly differ from the visualisation, this will not be a mistake.
  • For technical reasons we do not engrave certain surfaces; the manufacturing technology does not allow us to use laser engraving on these products.

Engraving - you can design it according to your idea.

  • Click on the "ADD ENGRAVING" tab, which will take you to a subpage where you can visualise your idea.
  • Another option is to click on the + ADD ENGRAVING button in the shopping basket.
  • After clicking on the above buttons you have the possibility to visualise the engraving yourself.
  • Have fun and design your own engraving. It is very simple! Our system will show you all the possibilities and options for a given product.
  • Do you want to realise your own idea or engrave your graphics/ logo? The shop's employees are available to answer questions, prepare and send an engraving pattern for your approval. In this case, please send us the file in vector graphics after ordering to the address of the shop. Only this format will allow you to prepare the proper engraving.
  • Read the text, correct typos before sending your order with engraving; placing an order means it is accepted for execution without the possibility of making corrections to the text.
  • Making a visualisation by yourself means acceptance of the design and reduces the waiting time for the engraved product. You can also receive a visualisation of the engraving by email, in which case we await approval of the design sent.

See an example video on how to visualise an engraving yourself.

We offer 8 different fonts for engraving:

Template fonts for engraving

I have placed an order and what happens next?

We engrave after receiving the transfer and accepting the visualisation. Expected lead time is 1-3 days from receipt of payment + delivery time. We always try to keep the time from order to delivery as short as possible.

Once your package is on its way, you will be notified in the mail with proof of purchase and a link to track your package.

NOTE: Please type your text carefully into the engraving, as our staff are not responsible for its spelling or grammatical correctness. Please check the design for content and layout. The paid order is automatically forwarded for execution, without the possibility of correcting the text.

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